Revised Syllabus

Dear All,

I am quite enjoying our interactive play, and teaching the plays along with it.  So we will continue to discuss and make theatre, and I will finish teaching all the plays on the syllabus.  As we discussed on the first day of class, all of these plays should be available to you through IRIS for free download EXCEPT for Wilson’s.  Please have the plays read before the lecture on them begins.  We can no longer slow down for those who haven’t read.  So, here’s the revised syllabus in terms of lectures and readings (I’m keeping most of our play a surprise).  Oh, I’ll be filming every class from now on, so if you want to stage something in “our play,”  you should feel free.   Also, all the tips for writing a review are online.  If you feel you have any questions whatsoever about how to write a slam-dunk review, please be sure to email me or talk to me before you get started on your final assignment.  I’ll be giving short lessons in class too.  The bulk of the materials, though, are contained in the first Hansberry post.

All best,


April 20   for colored girl who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf….

April 23: 730pm A screening of A Soldier’s Story at 7:30 in Murray Hall (script written by Charles Fuller, author of A Soldier’s Play).  The film includes a young Denzel, and one of the most outstanding performances Adolph Ceasar ever gave.  It’s not mandatory, but it can be a “review event” for

April 25th- Joe Turner’s Come and Gone 

April 27th- In class Performance of Adam Mahmoud of his one man show (eligible for review)

May 2nd- We’ll vote.  We’re going to have to sacrifice one play. I think we should do THE COLORED MUSEUM, but we could also do THE GREAT MACDADDY if you’d like.  Both plays, are in essence, meditations on the history of Balck drama.


2 Responses

  1. what is the due date for the final?

    • It’s due, via electronic submission (meaning it should be e-mailed to me in .doc form), on the last day of finals by 7:00 pm. As soon as you submit your paper, you should expect an e-mail confirmation within 2 hours, you should re-send. (All of that is just in case there’s some weird e-mail glitch [which we know does happen!)

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