Finishing Up the Course

Dear All,

There has been a little bit of confusion surrounding the final paper.  So, although I’ve already announced this a few times in class and have posted it twice on the blog, here’s how we’re going to finish up.

On Monday: We will be going over THE GREAT MACDADDY and I’ll give a short final lecture (which will also be a theater review of Adam’s play).

All next week are marathon office hours.  That means if you can schedule an appointment with me: anytime between 9am am and 9pm Monday through Thursday (you should clear three one hour slots and send them all to me to make sure there’s no double booking), we’l have a chance to meet about and discuss/revise your final paper which is due via hard copy or electronic submission on May 11 (electronic submission is strongly preferred, but only because of the reasons we talked about it class [having e-versions of your papers, allows me to write you better letters of reference when the the time comes]).

All best,



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