Gilbert “Gil” Scott-Heron (April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011)





Dear All,

I’m up-late, but recovering well from surgery.  Go modern medicine!  Please do read the nominees below and vote in the first annual R.U.D.E. awards!

I also have all the papers.  Electronic, paper, and (Many thanks to all of you who submitted both).  I always found it rewarding to be able to talk over a paper once all the hectic went away.  I hope you’ll come by my office on Friday.

We’ll be super-chill and Very Drama and Theory-Free

For those of you who can’t make it, you can pick up your graded papers from a box that I’ll leave outside my door when I go home on Friday.



THE FIRST ANNUAL R.U.D.E. AWARDS- Rutgers Undergraduate Development Endowments for Rutgers Black Drama and Rutgers Black Literary Theory

Dear All,

Each of the four anonymous papers is a candidate for the 1st annual R.U.D.E. award for the best paper in Rude’s Black Drama Class.  I found each of these papers made me think about things in new and exciting ways.  In short, they had BIG BRAINS and shared the love!  Please do have a look and share your love with a decision on this poll.  To which one of these Big Brains shall the R.U.D.E. award go?

by Big Brains #1

Big Brains #1    (Click to Download)

by Big Brains #2

Big Brains #2   (Click to Download)

by Big Brains #3

Big Brains #3  (Click to Download)

by Big Brains #4

Big Brains #4

(Click to Download)


The R.U.D.E. Theorist Nominees

Rude Theorist #1 (Click to Download)

Rude Theorist #2 (Click to Download)

Rude Theorist #3 (Click to Download)

R.U.D.E. Theorist #4 (Click to Download)

Final Grades and Papers- A Well Deserved Hurrah for my Champions!

Dear All,

Thank you for a wonderful, wacky, and (in Elmer Fudd speak) wheely great time this semester.  You submitted great analytic papers, great reviews, and great creative work.  All of you received an A+ on the diagnostic midterm, but as we discussed, it all came down to the paper.

You didn’t let me down!  I knew you wouldn’t!


Many of you did not submit a hard-copy of your papers.  If you haven’t yet, do so asap.  All those who received a T- grade, had to receive it in order to keep the standards uniform.  This does not mean your T grade is your final grade.

Your commented papers will be in my box just as soon as someone can deliver them to school (Monday), and if you can bring me a hard copy to my home address before 5 pm on Friday (which is when grading closes), we can turn your T grade (in most cases) into a higher grade before the deadline!

Hoping to see all my T people tomorrow!







Lecture Slides-Final Class-THE GREAT MACDADDY

Kernan-Final Black Drama Lecture 2011

(Click to Download)