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Final Grades and Papers- A Well Deserved Hurrah for my Champions!

Dear All,

Thank you for a wonderful, wacky, and (in Elmer Fudd speak) wheely great time this semester.  You submitted great analytic papers, great reviews, and great creative work.  All of you received an A+ on the diagnostic midterm, but as we discussed, it all came down to the paper.

You didn’t let me down!  I knew you wouldn’t!


Many of you did not submit a hard-copy of your papers.  If you haven’t yet, do so asap.  All those who received a T- grade, had to receive it in order to keep the standards uniform.  This does not mean your T grade is your final grade.

Your commented papers will be in my box just as soon as someone can deliver them to school (Monday), and if you can bring me a hard copy to my home address before 5 pm on Friday (which is when grading closes), we can turn your T grade (in most cases) into a higher grade before the deadline!

Hoping to see all my T people tomorrow!








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