From G.Phipps: Gertrude Stein, First Rapper?

Not sure if you’ve read Gertrude Stein, but here’s a snippet:

“Lovely snipe and tender turn, excellent vapor and slender butter, all the splinter and the trunk, all the poisonous darkening drunk, all the joy in weak success, all the joyful tenderness, all the section and the tea, all the stouter symmetry.”

If you sort of rap it, you realize this woman has flow. I find it really easy to imagine someone laying down a beat and her going at this with fervor.

You can learn more about O.G. Stein at this address:



One Response

  1. “They were regularly gay. They were gay every day. They ended every day in the same way,at the same time, and they had been every day regularly gay…Miss Furr and Miss Skeene..Gertrude Stein
    Happy Coming Out Day!

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