Pedro Hernandez- The Now Generation of Comedy

Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez is yet another example of the manner in which Black Drama is pouring off the proscenium stage and back into the “jooks.”

Be on the lookout for this rising star!

 Though raised by a pack of wolves, it is the combination of Caribbean roots, urban upbringing and Ivy League education that define the unique comedic style of Pedro Hernandez. As a young boy growing up in the predominantly Black Detroit Public School System, Pedro often had to defend himself, as he was the only Black child around with a full Spanish name. As a result, a keen wit and sharp tongue were developed, and later backed by the insight and analytical skills provided by a Princeton education. While at Princeton, Pedro first discovered his talent as a comedian by co-creating, producing and directing what ended up being one of Princeton’s most popular comedy troupes. After graduation it was time for the big test, Los Angeles; where he has been ever since. Pedro is now a regular at the world famous Hollywood Improv and Laugh Factory, 2 of LA’s premier comedy clubs, and is making a name for himself at clubs and on college campuses across America. Pedro’s big television debut came as a cast member on season one of the hit BET show “Hell Date” where he played some of the more popular characters like “The Ventriloquist” and “The Napoleon Complex”. His unique background and upbringing give him the range to speak on everything from riding the city bus to the current state of global politics with equal insight. Pedro Hernandez is changing the face of Black comedy as we speak, leading the way for a new breed of urban entertainers.

Pedro Henandez Live on May 11, 2011
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