Gilbert “Gil” Scott-Heron (April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011)





Dear All,

I’m up-late, but recovering well from surgery.  Go modern medicine!  Please do read the nominees below and vote in the first annual R.U.D.E. awards!

I also have all the papers.  Electronic, paper, and (Many thanks to all of you who submitted both).  I always found it rewarding to be able to talk over a paper once all the hectic went away.  I hope you’ll come by my office on Friday.

We’ll be super-chill and Very Drama and Theory-Free

For those of you who can’t make it, you can pick up your graded papers from a box that I’ll leave outside my door when I go home on Friday.



THE FIRST ANNUAL R.U.D.E. AWARDS- Rutgers Undergraduate Development Endowments for Rutgers Black Drama and Rutgers Black Literary Theory

Dear All,

Each of the four anonymous papers is a candidate for the 1st annual R.U.D.E. award for the best paper in Rude’s Black Drama Class.  I found each of these papers made me think about things in new and exciting ways.  In short, they had BIG BRAINS and shared the love!  Please do have a look and share your love with a decision on this poll.  To which one of these Big Brains shall the R.U.D.E. award go?

by Big Brains #1

Big Brains #1    (Click to Download)

by Big Brains #2

Big Brains #2   (Click to Download)

by Big Brains #3

Big Brains #3  (Click to Download)

by Big Brains #4

Big Brains #4

(Click to Download)


The R.U.D.E. Theorist Nominees

Rude Theorist #1 (Click to Download)

Rude Theorist #2 (Click to Download)

Rude Theorist #3 (Click to Download)

R.U.D.E. Theorist #4 (Click to Download)

Final Grades and Papers- A Well Deserved Hurrah for my Champions!

Dear All,

Thank you for a wonderful, wacky, and (in Elmer Fudd speak) wheely great time this semester.  You submitted great analytic papers, great reviews, and great creative work.  All of you received an A+ on the diagnostic midterm, but as we discussed, it all came down to the paper.

You didn’t let me down!  I knew you wouldn’t!


Many of you did not submit a hard-copy of your papers.  If you haven’t yet, do so asap.  All those who received a T- grade, had to receive it in order to keep the standards uniform.  This does not mean your T grade is your final grade.

Your commented papers will be in my box just as soon as someone can deliver them to school (Monday), and if you can bring me a hard copy to my home address before 5 pm on Friday (which is when grading closes), we can turn your T grade (in most cases) into a higher grade before the deadline!

Hoping to see all my T people tomorrow!







Lecture Slides-Final Class-THE GREAT MACDADDY

Kernan-Final Black Drama Lecture 2011

(Click to Download)


Dear All,

Sometimes filming theater works.  Most of the time it doesn’t.  In the case of Adam’s play, some last minute seating adjustments made it NOT work,  This is no one’s “bad,” and, in fact, I think it teaches us a valuable lesson.  Theatre is LIVE, you MUST be THERE, and it is DIFFERENT EVERY TIME.   As you’ll see, this time ,an audience member accidentally sat between Adam and the camera.  Hence, we only have the audio of Adam ‘s performance available, but for those of you who were there and took notes, the clip will probably be of use (should you choose to review this play).

Again, here’s the script:

Vengeance Upon the World

(Click to Download)


Finishing Up the Course

Dear All,

There has been a little bit of confusion surrounding the final paper.  So, although I’ve already announced this a few times in class and have posted it twice on the blog, here’s how we’re going to finish up.

On Monday: We will be going over THE GREAT MACDADDY and I’ll give a short final lecture (which will also be a theater review of Adam’s play).

All next week are marathon office hours.  That means if you can schedule an appointment with me: anytime between 9am am and 9pm Monday through Thursday (you should clear three one hour slots and send them all to me to make sure there’s no double booking), we’l have a chance to meet about and discuss/revise your final paper which is due via hard copy or electronic submission on May 11 (electronic submission is strongly preferred, but only because of the reasons we talked about it class [having e-versions of your papers, allows me to write you better letters of reference when the the time comes]).

All best,